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  •    3 Days         2 Nights
  •    Transfers + Accommodation + Tours
  •    3 Nights lodge with all meals
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Day 1 Lima / Iquitos / Heliconia Amazon River
Reception at the Iquitos airport, where our representatives will assist and transferred to the office of the lodge in Iquitos, where you will be offered a small induction about the program and important tips about the jungle. Immediately following you will be transferred to the port of Iquitos where we will be embarked on one of our fast boats that will transfer to the Amazon River Lodge Heliconia through the Amazon River.
During the tour you will see the convergence of the murky brown waters of the Amazon river with the dark waters of the rio Nanay. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Peruvian jungle accompanied by small houses located on the banks of the rivers; we will continue our tour of about 60 minutes by boat to arrive at the lodge.
Our staff will welcome and greet you with a refreshing fruit juice in the region. Then, proceed with check-in and location to your respective room, after a rest you will be invited to the restaurant of the lodge and enjoy your first meal Amazon. In the afternoon, he started the first tour accompanied by our experienced guides walk through the reserve Yanamono for approximately 2 hours. There he taught to identify different species of flora; heliconia flowers, medicinal plants and giant trees.
At nightfall, especially in the growing season of the rivers, we enjoy a magical journey by open boat through one of the tributaries of the Amazon river, without lighting, accompanied only by some own flashes of flora and fauna from the jungle. If we find a clear sky, we can see the splendid brightness of the moon and the stars and constellations. With a little luck you may ask what more longs against the occurrence of a shooting star, which are common in this area and tend to dazzle us with his brilliant tour. Back to the lodge for dinner and also rest and recharge for the next morning to start activities from dawn.

Day 2 Heliconia Amazon River Lodge
We started the day with bird watching excursion, enjoying as various species gather in search of their morning food, very early we will go by boat to one of the gorges where you will see the greatest variety of birds. You can see different species as the Tuki, Ringed Kingfisher, Black-Collared Hawk, among others. After returning to the lodge for an invigorating breakfast and a short rest, we are prepared to be part of the expedition of Artisanal Fisheries, for which we will move to one of the tributaries of the Amazon River, where we will learn about artisanal fishing techniques and hunting of piranha. If the expedition was a success, you can bring the fish to the lodge for their preparation for lunch. Also during this tour we will have the opportunity to appreciate the friendly pink river dolphins.
Then we return to the lodge to enjoy the typical lunch of the region. In the afternoon, we will have a short transfer by boat to a lake in the Yanamono island, where we can appreciate the majestic Victoria Regia, the queen of the Amazon water lilies now known as Victoria, this native flower shallow waters of the Amazon river Basin grow mostly in lakes and marshes. Probably we manage to see some white flowers on their first day of flowering, pink to become its second day. This stunning lakes and swamps plant can grow up to 40 cm in diameter and is pollinated by beetles. The Amazon Victoria is well known for its huge round leaf, which is usually shown with a child sitting in the center of the sheet in order to appreciate its size and strength.
At night, dare to walk the nature within the perimeters of the lodge and witness the enchanting transformation of the forest to a night setting. While adapts to the dark atmosphere of the jungle will appreciate how nature takes a different nature and observe the different habits of nocturnal animals of the rainforest. It is the best time to see frogs, snakes and other creatures timid only move at night. We can tell a completely different range of wildlife against which usually is during the day, listening to the magical sounds of insects, birds, cats and owls. After 30 minutes of travel will proceed to return to the lodge for dinner and a good night's sleep.

Day 3 Heliconia Amazon River Lodge / Iquitos / Lima
You enjoy rich breakfast before visiting a rustic Amazon Trapiche, a boat transfer of 10 minutes leads to a still located on the banks of the river. We teach as the inhabitants of this area processed to extract sugar cane using horses and fermented cane juice in wooden barrels, which at one time becomes liquor storage. Try the variety of regional exotic drinks liquor obtained from sugarcane and molasses thereof; you could buy a few bottles of this exquisite liquor to take home as a present.
Back to the lodge for our farewell lunch, proceed to checkout and leave for Iquitos. Depending on the schedules of your return flight to Lima, airport transfer will take place.

Recommendations for the trip to the jungle
What to bring, what to wear? Pack light, drip-dry cotton or safari clothing, including one long-sleeved shirt and sweater, several pairs of socks and t-shirts, raincoat. Include as well a small flashlight, an extra set of batteries, a good pair of binoculars, a camera (essential) a insect repellent with 35% DEET (we suggest OFF), sunglasses, sun block , a wide brimmed hat, water bottle, hiking shoes or sneakers resistant to humidity (Rubber boots is provided by Heliconia Lodge only), bathing suit.


2 nights accommodation at Heliconia Amazon River Lodge.
All meals included (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners).
Visit wing Monkey Island.
Walk through the jungle and night boat ride.
Observation of pink dolphins and victories regal.
Bird watching tour and artisanal fisheries.
Visit to an artisan tapiche.
Transfers and river transport.
Tickets and transportation to the attractions mentioned.
Professional guide in english and spanish.
Price per person based on double occupancy.
All taxes included.
Continued assistance.


Air fare discount from any city.
Additional hotel nights.
Car rental.
Travel insurance.


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