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  •    3 Camping night with meals included
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We offer a unique sport fishing program specially designed for those fishing with or without experience from all over the world.
The Amazon River and its tributaries are home to 3,000 species of freshwater fish, almost a third of the planet's species.
Feel free to join this wonderful program of fishing!

Day 1 Iquitos / Heliconia / Atun Cocha
Reception at Iquitos airport and transfer to the office of Heliconia Lodge. After a few moments, we will proceed to the port and board our speedboat. During the tour you will see the convergence of the murky brown waters of the Amazon River with the dark waters of the Nanay River. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Peruvian jungle accompanied by small houses located on the banks of rivers. After a few minutes of travel, we will make a short stop at Monkey Island, which is protected and preserved species of endangered monkeys in the Peruvian Amazon, we will continue our tour of about 60 minutes by boat. When arriving at the lodge, our staff will welcome and greet you with a refreshing fruit juice in the region. In due time, we will have a delicious lunch and then proceed to continue our ride down the Amazon River to reach the hamlet called "Santa Rosa" on the shore of the creek "Tuna pipe". The place where we will stay is a house built in the typical style of the jungle. You can have a clear idea of how people live in the Amazonian rivers, appreciate their customs and lifestyle and having an authentic experience. We sleep in tents installed in the jungle hut. The cook will accompany us will prepare our dinner. For those adventurous we can arrange a short night canoe ride on the lake called "Isana" close to the place where we spend the night having the opportunity to hear the sounds produced by insects, frogs, nocturnal birds, try to find some kind of wildlife like alligators, among others.

Day 2 Fishing in Atun Cocha
We start the day with a delicious breakfast very early in the morning. Dawn at the lake is magnificent, your guide will make a prayer to the gods of the forest while smoking a black cigar (the belief of the people of the river is that each lake of the jungle has its God who cares for them, help protect the fisherman and you can make a good catch). As the sun rises on the horizon, the view from the lake is beautiful, while listening to the sounds of birds and animals around the lake and start catching different species of fish among which the surprising " Tucunaré "(cichla ocellaris) a real fighter and a challenge for any fisherman. This fish is has beautiful color and three black stripes on the body. Besides the other amazing species very similar to the "paiche" (arapaima gigas) fish "Dragon" (Arawana) although the latter cannot fish with sport fishing lures also we try to catch "añashua" (Cichla sp), the famous piranhas Red-breasted (serraselmus nattereri) and other species of sport fishing. Enjoy fishing while beauty around the lake with lush vegetation, the songs of various birds and wildlife is already enhancing and encouraging. Return to the jungle tent for a delicious and nutritious lunch. Treated water and cold drinks will be offered.
In the afternoon, we return to the lake for a few more hours of fishing and before nightfall we will return to the jungle hut where we spend the night after a delicious dinner.

Day 3 Fishing in Atun Cocha
Very early morning breakfast, and then return to the lake to continue our activity of fishing. Note that in this lake there "tucunarés" of 13-17 pounds. Each cast brings hope that at any time may receive one of this big fish, but what lures that bite more often weigh 2-4 pounds. Return to the jungle for a delicious lunch. After resting for a few moments in the hammocks, the evening will begin again continuing with our tour of fishing. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4 Lake Isana fishing
After an early breakfast, return to the lake "Isana" to try to catch more fish. If you want to practice traditional fishing using a rod, line and single hook with a piece of meat, you. You can catch a lot of piranhas in less than two hours! Otherwise, the normal method of sport fishing haul and rewind at the discretion of the passenger. In due time we depart back to Heliconia Lodge, where we will taste a delicious lunch. At the scheduled time, transfer by boat to the city. Upon arrive I will be driven to the airport or your hotel according to your program or itinerary.

Important note: Catch and release is a practice within recreational fishing intended as a preservation technique. After capture, the fish are disengaged and returned to the water before experiencing burnout or serious injury.

Recommendations for the trip to the jungle:

It is suggested to passenger comfort during their journey down the Amazon River and overnight at the lodge in advance to organize a backpack or small suitcase with only essential for your stay at the lodge. Suitcases or other luggage may be left in custody, during the stay at the lodge. Alternatives must wear a plastic coat (waterproof), flashlight, rechargeable batteries, binoculars, good insect repellent with 35% DEET, sunscreen, water bottle, light cotton clothes, pants and long-sleeved shirts , cotton socks and poles. Resistant to moisture and / or rubber boots shoes (we provide at the Lodge) Clothing Essential bath. A windbreaker jacket (sometimes the temperature drops considerably when it rains or travel by boat).


3 Nights camping in the forest with equipment included.
All meals (3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners).
Transfers and river transport.
Professional fishing guide in english and spanish.
Price per person based on double occupancy.
All taxes included.
Continued assistance.


Drinks not included.
Fishing equipment rental $ 100 per person.
Air fare discount from any city.
Additional lodge nights.
Car rental.
Travel insurance.


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