The most famous private collection of Peruvian gold

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Know the most famous collection of Peruvian gold

The showcases of the Gold Museum of Peru display the craftsmanship of several centuries of Peruvian history, mainly in pre-Inca gold. There are decorative items of all the cultures, such as, embossed and weaved nose ornaments with cut stone pendants; sets of filigree figures depicting birds, men, or monkeys; mantles, bracelets and earflaps of the Vicus culture; lizards, weasels, felines, bags of coca leaves, earrings and belts of the Frias culture; pectorals with zoomorphic designs, flat or embossed crowns of the Chancay culture; funerary masks with twisted rays or serpents from Ica; and masks with open mouths and teeth, wristbands, shin protectors and spatulas of the Nazca culture.

Daily departures at 10:00 am.
Duration: 3 hours.
Language: Spanish and English.

Our trip to the Gold Museum of Peru will appreciate a dazzling collection of gold artifacts from various pre-Colombian civilizations, some more than 3,000 years old. Objects and jewelry of incalculable value in gold, silver and precious stones, ornaments and objects highlighting that in its heyday used the Incas, children of the Sun God and monarchs of the vast Inca Empire are exhibited. Peru gold fame attracted many European adventurers 500 years ago and was due to end of the empire of the Incas, giving rise to the Vice royalty of Peru to the Spanish Crown.
The Gold Museum of Peru, also houses a valuable collection of old and modern weapons that ranks among the best of its kind worldwide. In these rooms armor, uniforms and objects from different times and places are shown, including some dating from 1300 B.C. this sample is known as weapons of the World Museum.


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